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Learn, Deliver & Prepare

Learn, Deliver & Prepare

Threats in the cyberworld have increased multifold, with several organisations having seen multiple attacks in the past 12 months. In some cases the attackers have been successful in causing some sort of embarrassment to enterprises. Some organisations have managed to keep the breaches well covered for some time given that it takes an average of 246 days for a breach to be detected.

With privacy gaining more importance within the EU, organisations are also working towards ensuring that the data that they hold is well secured and is subjected to controls. It is also more difficult to do business with corporate and nations that have a permeable infrastructure that allow the flow of Personally Identifiable Information between ‘co-operating organisations’. At the same time information sharing between corporates and security professionals help avert serious casualities both in the digital and physical ecosystems.

The IS Professional of today manages Governance, Risk and Compliance, while also managing increasing threats and challenges and resources that seem to be getting scarce. With a rapidly mushrooming  technology landscape, more tools are being made available in order to combat the security threats. Some of the recent offerings in security management products show military proven technologies being deployed on the enterprise front.

IS professionals need to Introspect on what they could have done better, Rethink how they could shore up their defences for 2014 and Action critical processes, technology and infrastructure to claw back lost ground.

2014 will prove to be a year that the IS professional will need skills, tools and sharp judgement while juggling his/her responsibilities