About Ravi Miranda

Ravi Miranda is a highly experienced Information Security Professional with extensive experience in the Banking, Financial and Manufacturing sectors, and has most recently been driving the India Delivery for Infosec projects for clients of Hewlett Packard. Currently based in the United Kingdom,  he is a freelance Infosec consultant and a Information Security Generalist at Associated Digital, which offers Web Development and Infosec Consulting.

Previously with Hauser Infotech Managers, an Information Technology consulting firm, he managed the business and projects for several clients in the Insurance, Telecom, Financial, Banking and Manufacturing sectors. Besides this he has also been actively involved in ISACA and CSI and has been the Chair for the Knowledge Forum and the Co-Chair for the Security Technology Forum.

Ravi Miranda was awarded the BOND scholarship (2003) by the DTI and the British Council (UK) and was also invited to attend the Lifelong Education seminar(2005) at Liverpool by the British Council (UK).

Ravi Miranda has also been a management educator at leading B-Schools in Mumbai and THINC Dubai (University of Wales) and has provided professional training in areas of Information Security, Strategic IT Management and Managing IT applications and projects. He has also been a speaker at the PMI (Malaysia) conference in 2009.

This blog will cover areas of Information Security, Privacy and the human aspects of Information technology and is intended for the experienced Infosec professional and lay users alike.

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